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Cut Edge Corrosion & Treatment


Delamination of the coating from the metal surface is caused for a number of reasons, whether it be a manufacturing fault, where the sheet has been cut or it may just be down to the natural ageing process.


Once a sheet lap has been exposed it can quickly start to corrode and if left untreated the metal sheet will disintegrate and once it gets passed the fixing and purlin line an expensive over-clad might be the only option.


Weather can play a huge part in the deterioration of the end or eaves lap detail of a metal profile sheet, as constant freeze and thaw cycles cause water ingress and constant capillary action while. Buildings in coastal areas also suffer more than most.


If caught in time the treatment of cut edge corrosion and delamination is fairly straight forward and long term with several manufacturers of liquid coatings offering solutions which treat this problem. We are approved to use Seamsil, Triflex and Rooflock products.

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